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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management will help ensure your risk strategy is aligned to your organisation’s risk appetite and communicated from the Board and Executive teams throughout the organisation. Ansvar Risk brings together expertise and understanding of our core sectors with strategic workshops, frameworks and tools to deliver tailored services that identify and manage strategic as well as operational risks.

Strategic Workshops

Ansvar Risk’s Strategic Workshops enable organisations to identify and validate their strategic purpose and strategic objectives. The facilitated workshops are based on three key phases: establishing the context of risk for that organisation; risk identification and prioritisation; assessment and treatment planning.

The workshops involve key stakeholders such as the Board and the Executive, as well as their risk quality team, as they each have a shared understanding of strategic risks and priorities for investment in risk management and mitigation activities

Strategic Partners

We have joined forces with a number of strategic partners in order to deliver employee/volunteer background checks, employment practice services and online management programs to help organisations to better manage their risks.

Employee/Volunteer Background Checks: Working with AIS International using their online screening portal enables us to provide customised solutions to organisations.

Employment Practice Services: Employsure provides expert advice, documentation and solutions across employment relations and work health and safety.

Online Management Programs

In conjunction with our partner Rapid Global, Ansvar Risk has developed sector-specific software packages enabling our customers to access online eLearning Modules, Incident Reporting and Audit Management programs on desktop, tablet and app platforms.

The software packages are key resources for our customers and are just one part of Ansvar’s commitment to contribute to and help build safe communities to promote well-being and peace of mind.

Demonstration videos of the software can be viewed below. Click on the videos to enlarge them to full screen.

Online Management Programs Demonstration Videos

eLearning Modules

eLearning modules will enable organisations to create and deliver online induction and training courses for employees and contractors. On completion of each course the software produces a certificate including declaration, pass score and questions.

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting is an intuitive process that enables staff, contractors and volunteers to report an incident or issue online as soon as it occurs and then enables the organisation to manage the incident right through the quality cycle.

Audit Management Program

Any regular planned maintenance/task, such as audits and fire inspections, can be scheduled and tracked in the system with notifications and alerts delivered to the allocated responsible person or contractor/supplier.


Risk Quality Surveys are a fast and accurate way to undertake site inspections, collect data and calculate sums insured for better risk management and insurance solutions. Our expert Risk Advisors will survey your site, provide quality assessments and give an immediate verbal overview on their risk observations and the opportunity to discuss their risks on site. This insightful reporting enables our customers to make informed decisions more quickly.

Following the survey, our Risk Advisors will provide the customer with an accurate written account of their observations which includes a quality rating, recommendations to mitigate risks and a clear pathway for their organisation to improve their risk quality rating.

We are specialists in our core sectors and you can be assured that when you speak with one of our Risk Advisors you know you are dealing with a true expert – someone who understands your sector.

Risk Quality Surveys specific to the education sector include conducting aerial roof inspections of multi-storey educational facilities and other buildings using drone technology.

Drone Enabled Surveys

In order to collect data on all aspects of a building or large surrounding area, Risk Quality Surveys may use a combination of drones, laser technology, photogrammetry and 360 degree cameras to allow quick and efficient image and data capture. These state-of-the-art technologies provide the safest, fastest and most accurate way to collect and assess data. All our Risk Advisors are highly trained and CASA qualified to operate drones.

Following a drone survey, the collected data is processed into an informative report for the customer that includes a quality rating, recommendations to mitigate risks and a clear pathway for their organisation to improve their risk quality rating.

The videos show a combination of footage we recorded using state-of-the-art technologies.


Ansvar Risk provides tools, checklists and fact sheets to help the prioritisation and management of our customers’ risks. Not every organisation has a dedicated ‘risk manager’ to take ownership of the risk processes, reporting and frameworks, and it is often an ad hoc responsibility, especially in small organisations. Ansvar Risk has created an online risk education hub to enable our customers to access the resources they need. The hub provides simple, sector relevant-tools, checklists and fact sheets to help the prioritisation and management of risks.